Curing prostate cancer with ProstRcision | ProstRcision

What Is ProstRcision?

A history of success

ProstRcision® (pronounced PROS-ter-si-shun) is a unique technique for curing prostate cancer developed in 1979 by Dr. Frank Critz. ProstRcision® uses a combination of pinpoint irradiation by seed implants and conformal beam irradiation to simultaneously destroy the prostate and prostate cancer from within, in addition to targeting surrounding tissue for possible microscopic capsule penetration. ProstRcision® is the most successful proven method of curing prostate cancer, using cutpoint 0.2 ng/ml – the strictest definition of cure. Learn more about cure rates, and how to get individualized cure information. To better understand the ProstRcision® procedure, see Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia Q&A.

Request Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia free, 60-Page educational brochure “Questions & Answers About Curing Prostate Cancer.”

A history of excellence

On top of the rigorous decade of education and training required of any surgeon, ProstRcision® doctors undergo one additional year of procedural instruction and surgical experience before they can perform ProstRcision® on their own. This is in direct comparison to all other seed implant doctors. No wonder men from all 50 states and over 40 countries have come to Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia Atlanta location for their prostate cancer cure.

ProstRcision® is a treatment that is only performed by the physicians at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, a center of excellence in radiation treatment for cancer, with seven locations in metro Atlanta.  Contact us for more information about receiving ProstRcision treatment in Atlanta.

A history of caring

While receiving treatment in Atlanta, many support and educational programs as well as social outings are planned for you and your significant other during your course of treatment. Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia encourages you to take full advantage of these free programs.

ProstRcision®/Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia is registered with most major insurance providers and we accept Medicare. We also work with the Georgia Department of Human Resources Cancer State Aid Treatment Program. In the unlikely event that you are not eligible for insurance or government aid, Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia counselors will work with you to design a financial program that works for your situation.

If you’re still researching prostate cancer cures for yourself or a loved one, Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia free educational brochure, entitled “Questions & Answers About Curing Prostate Cancer” is a good resource for you.